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12-24-2006, 12:16 PM
NARCON 2007: March 9-11, Rochester, MN

I know most of you are probably already aware of NARCON 2007. The website is now live at http://www.narcon2007.org/
Hope to see you there!

Below is a reposted announcement:


The Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Association (MASA) and the National Association of Rocketry are pleased to present the National Rocket Convention (NARCON) March 9-11, 2007, in Rochester, MN. This convention will celebrate the Golden Anniversary of sport rocketry.

Registration is now open. The event hotel is the Kahler Grand Hotel, a first-class downtown hotel (across the street from the Mayo Clinic) with shopping, recreation, dining, and amenities galore. Rooms are available for $79 per night.

A sport launch will be held on Saturday, March 10, hosted by Tripoli Southern Minnesota at the Maple Island launch site (waiver to 9000 feet MSL; window available to 12,000 feet MSL). The site is about an hour away from the hotel.

A number of vendors will be attending, including BMS, Fliskits, PD Rocketry, Red River Rocketry, and Semroc.

We have three invited speakers lined up: Andy Vano will describe his work on the X-15 and his personal experience working as an Engineer at Dryden during the 1960s. BJ Walker will describe what it was like working at White Sands Missile Range, and John Weyrauch, an ATK executive, will discuss their current programs. (ATK makes the solid rocket motors for the shuttle and (soon) CEV, as well as motors for strategic and tactical military systems). Mark Bundick will also host an NAR town meeting.

The convention will have several presentation tracks, which we are organizing now. We invite you to volunteer to present a seminar, organize a discussion, or run a workshop, in anything related to sport rocketry--past, present, and future.

Rochester is an hour from Minneapolis (and the Mall of America), and can be reached nonstop by jet from Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit (it's often less expensive to fly to Rochester than to Minneapolis, and you won't need a rental car).

For more information, visit the ever-growing NARCON 2007 website at:




12-27-2006, 06:02 PM
We are in need of presenters for NARCON. As a bonus for being a presenter we are offering 50% off the registration price. Buzz McDermott is our presentation coordinator.
For those of you that have wanted to go to a NARCON, I urge you to come this year. We are celebrating 50 years of Model Rocketry. It's gonna be great!!!!
We are still getting things together, check the NARCON 2007 website often, there's lots of stuff coming.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Mark T
Vendor coordinator