View Full Version : Excelsior announces two new Goonys: the KRAM and HONEST GOON

06-04-2005, 09:41 PM
Excelsior Rocketry is proud to announce two new Retro Bash GOONY designs:



The KRAM is proof that even 3 fins and a nosecone can be Goony!! Just like its inspiration, this model 'breaks' in the middle, and can be recovered with a parachute or a traditional streamer.

The KRAM is a kitbash of the Baby Bertha kit. All you need to add is the KRAM fins, convert to center seperation, add the KRAM decals, and you are off. Like all Retro Bash sets, the KRAM contains decals, instructions, and fin patterns to build from a Baby Bertha kit that you supply yourself.


The HONEST GOON... just one look says it all: slow and low. It lumbers off the pad yet is very stable. The secret is that big, fat nose section. (actually a BT-6070, and a BNC70AJ). It is fun to build, and and even more fun to lob... I mean fly.

The Honest Goon requires slightly more skill than the other GOONYs as the modeler must build the nosecone from a balsa transition and a balsa nosecone. We rate it at Skill Level 2. As with other Retro Bash kits, the basis is a Baby Bertha. Included are instructions, fin patterns and all the decals needed to build your own Honest Goon. The modeler must supply a Baby Bertha kit, a BT70AJ, a TA6070, and a small ring of BT-70.

For more, please stop by our website and click on the GOONY RETRO BASH button.