View Full Version : Michigan Spacemodeling Championships 2005

06-06-2005, 01:41 PM
I've long bowed out of serious competition, but showed up to sport launch and throw up some token comp flights to help out the meet. This launch saw the last flight of my BT-60 Maxi Screamer. I wish I had the camera out for this one. D12-7 cato halfway up the rod. It was impressive and at first glance looked like it had survived, but upon closer examination I found a breech in the airframe and the motor mount was reduced to ashes. I managed to get close to 20 flights with that upscale though and the good news is I have a decal set for a new one courtesy of Excelsior. *plug plug* At least the nose cone survived which I can use in the new one.

I did get some photos of Shawn Switenky's upscale X-24 Bug. It corkscrewed like mad on the way up and actually glided ok for a Bug. When Shawn brought it back he found that the inside of the wings had started to peel off of the support lugs. It's amazing it didn't shred into confetti!

Photos (http://www.cv41.org/personal/gallery/msc05)