View Full Version : Magnetic Attraction - 06/08/05

06-08-2005, 08:46 PM
Launch 1 - AstroCam 110 (maiden launch) Estes SU C6-7:

The drag on the lens hood pulled this puppy 90 degrees from the wind direction on launch (about 40-50 yards off my predicted range). It had good altitude and perfect recovery deployment. I should have a nice picture of my boss's neighbor's house. The descent wasn't nearly so perfect, as the television antenna on my boss's house seemed to magnetically attract the rocket. A short roof-climb and pole-poke later the AstroCam was recovered without damage. Not bad for someone with a touch of acrophobia.

Launch 2 - Estes Cruise Missle RTF (maiden launch) Estes SU A10-3T:

Not much to say about this. Tracked very well with very slight weather-cock up range. The recovery deployment went well and landing was about 30 yards down range. A leisurely walk.

Launch 3 - Estes Maverick ARF (second and possibly last launch) Estes SU A10-3T:

Awsome little flyer! Reminds me of the Centuri Star Trooper I once had. Only problem is that my glue seams don't hold up to ejection and this launch split the thing in two, just like the first. Recovered all but the engine lock. Maybe there's a way to make this a rear ejection like the Star Trooper option.

These are just a few 'quick to launch' kits that I picked up last weekend so I'd have something to fly until my other projects are completed.