View Full Version : Tripoli Louisiana Saturday September 15th Launch Announcement

09-08-2007, 01:55 PM
Tripoli Louisiana Saturday September 15th Launch Announcement

It's official. I spoke with Paul and Ed today. The first launch of the
Tripoli Louisiana Fall flying season will be held on September 15th

Here are the details:

High Cotton Field in Winnsboro, LA (See web site for maps and directions)
Waiver: 10,000' with call in windows available to 15,000'
Motors: A-M (Contact Paul for L and above flights) Contact Ed for hybrid
Launch starts at 9:00AM. (As always we request assistance in equipment setup
and tear down. So show up early and plan to stay late if possible.)

Fees: $20 membership fee to join TRA-LA and get the right to vote. Join and
save on launch fees!

High Power H and Above $20 Non-members $10 Members
Mid Power E-G $10 Non-Members $5 Members

Special Events: First Annual Apogee Aspire F10/G80 Mass Launch and Contest.

New Equipment: We have a new Mega-Pad for those large projects. L-M Capable.
So let's break it in right. We also have all new batteries for the pads.

As always stay tuned to the website for any weather updates. The final go/no
go decision will be made Thursday Evening and will be post to the web site.

Hope to see you all there,
Whitney Richard
Secretary TRA-LA


09-08-2007, 03:04 PM
I have the following flights planned for this launch and will update threads later with flight pics and details .....

Left to Right

Semroc SLS Hustler w/PerfectFlite miniAlt/WD
G38-7FJ AeroTech EconoJet
RockSim Est. Altitude 2,183 Feet

SLS FSI OSO (Built with Semroc Parts & Sandman Nose Cone)
F26-9FJ AeroTech Single Use
RockSim Est. Altitude 2,739 Feet

Semroc SLS Lil' Hustler
F23-7FJ AeroTech EconoJet
Rocksim Est. Altitude 2,245 Feet

EnerJet 1340/20 (Built with Semroc Parts)
G35-10 Ellis Mountain Single Use
RockSim Est. Altitude 4,670 Feet

EnerJet Egg Crate (Built with Semroc Parts & Estes Egg Capsule)
G35-10 Ellis Mountain Single Use
RockSim Est. Altitude 5,406 Feet {Breaking the mile ..... EnerJet style}


09-13-2007, 09:31 PM
Due to the amount of precipitation from the passing of hurricane "Humberto". It has been decided to cancel the launch we had scheduled for this Saturday. There are also less then favorable wind condition in the forecast for Saturday. "12mph. from the NNE." Stay tuned to the e-mail and website for the official reschedule announcement.

Hope to see you at a launch soon,
Whitney Richard
Secretary TRA-LA