View Full Version : Micro to the MAXX at FlisKits

07-06-2005, 05:01 PM
Not sure if this is more applicable here or in the Vendors forum, but... :)

I am trying my best to make the rounds to let folks know that in the Sept/Oct timeframe, FlisKits will be announcing its entry into the world of micro-max kits

Our hope is to begin with 4-5 kits (see images below) along with a fine selection of parts and accessories for the scratchbuilder who is into these small beasts.

The images below show (from left to right)

4 of our proposed initial kits, the Intergalactic Man of Space, the Petite Praetor, the Teeny Triskelion and the Ulysses. Also shown is an 18mm engine for scale.

A close up of the Intergalactic Man of Space

A sampling of the turned balsa items and some of the rings we hope to make available

Cluster ring sets (these fit into a BT-20)

We expect to have proto's on display at NARAM so come on down!