View Full Version : Semroc Centaur

Bob Thomas
06-04-2008, 08:42 PM
What a great job and production quality in the SEMROC edition of the Centuri Centaur. I'm just starting on my clone of the kit, having completed the stock Semroc iteration. I was about to apply the decals when I had the thought of interchangeable sustainer bodies to swap out. The Payload and Booster will be painted in a satin black and I want to reproduce the original scheme on at least one of the clone sustainers.

Although Carl's finishing scheme looks awesome on the facecard, I can't find any record in the posted catalogs or fleet pictures with a similar scheme. JimZ reproduces the striping wrap, if that even belongs to KC-15, but nothing else. The Font is a good guestimate and looks good as well.

My intent is to reproduce the body with the '69 scheme, yellow black checkerboard and matching yellow fins. I have plans to repro in blue, green and maybe purple for a fleet - all to share the same payload and booster.

Anyone have any more history on this bird or post-able photos?