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Bruce Temple
12-23-2005, 12:44 PM
Id like to extend my personal invitation to all the members of Ye Old Rocket Forum to get out of the cold & snow, and come fly rockets in warm Florida.
Its our event of the year, in the first month of the year! Start the year off right in Sunny South Florida. Two days of rockets on the last weekend in Palm Beach County, Florida.
There is a lot to do in South Florida this time of year. Lion Country Safari is right down the road from us, as is the South Florida Fair (great places for the rest of the family to hang out). So there is no excuse for not making this a family trip!
Hint..Christmas present for the whole family. For details please visit out clubs web page, and click on the Winter Nationals link at the top of the page.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!
Bruce Temple
NAR 30279

Chas Russell
01-02-2006, 09:03 PM

The body of the link has a list of events for the late January NAR contest, but the florida Winter National site has a differnt list of events for the same dates. Which list of events is the sanctioned contest?


BTW, I was told that I tied for second in eggloft duration last year and was not in the results.

Bruce Temple
01-02-2006, 10:44 PM
Hey Chas,
NAR Winter Nats Events Are:

1/4A Parachute Duration
1/2A Streamer Duration Multi Round
B Helicopter Duration
B Eggloft Duration
Fantasy Sport Scale

But our (SOCM-06) meet in Nov got rained out, so we'll also be doing these events too as a make up:
1/2A parachute Duration
A Boost-Glide
B Streamer Duration
Sport Scale

As far as last years eggloft I was not in that contest, but I'll foward your inquiry to club Pres. Rick. We'll get you an answer to what happened.

Cheers, Bruce

Bruce Temple
01-02-2006, 10:55 PM
The Florida Winter Nationals are not just about the NAR contests. We'll be having a Tripoli meet as well during the same days. We have one of the best feilds in the east for High Power! FAA Waiver - 15,000' Sunrise to Sunset. MILES of open space! Laser-level Flat! Not a tree in sight. It's a sod farm, so soft landings too! Motor vendors on sight. Most important it's SUNNY FLORIDA :D

Cheers, Bruce

Bruce Temple
01-30-2006, 02:28 PM
2006 FSA/TWP Florida Winter Nationals is now history! It was a great way to start the new rocketry year. I'd like to thank the 700+ men, women, children that came out to join us for the festivities. Everyone had a great time, and celebrated in the great hobby of ours that is rocketry.

Though hampered by the wind at times, the sun shone, and the temps were warm. Hundreds of rockets were launched. Many new certifications were accomplished. NAR contests won. Great food consumed. Raffle prizes given away. New friends made, and old friendships renewed. With amazing rockets to see, and drag races that made you clap, and cheer out loud.

Everything was done with safety in mind, and by following the rules, the event went with out incident. Though the few CATO's made you cringe, and the chute failures made you gasp. All of it was a sight not to be missed.

Much gratitude goes out to all that helped us accomplish this huge task. For the people who helped us run the ranges, so we could fly. To the vendors on site providing food, rockets, motors, and supplies. As well as the vendors that could not make it, and sent donations instead. We could not have done it all with out your help.

Hopefully we'll see you all again next year for more fun, and even bigger adventures in rocketry.

Bruce Temple