View Full Version : FlisKits: Two new additions to our upcoming MMX release

01-29-2006, 05:26 PM
Greetings folks :)

I have attached a couple of pictures of two new MMX kit designs that I hope will see release at NARCON in March (we hope to have our basic line announced a few weeks before then.)

These include the "Interloper" and the "Just Past Due"

The Just Past Due has a main BT-2.5 (min diameter) body that transitions up to a BT-3 with a custom cone that is an exact scale replica of the NCB-50J that is used on our OverDue and Long OverDue. The ring fins are a BT-2.5 nested inside a BT-20. She stands about 8.3" tall

The Interloper stands a tad over 6", features a BT-2.5 main body with a BT-20 lower tube. The fin vanes that center the body into the BT-20 are laser cut basswood. The outer 4 fins will be hand cut from1/16" balsa stock. Custom nose cone and waterslide decals will finish this interesting looking model.

Both are streamer recovery.

More information when it becomes available!