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artpays 07-14-2010 05:56 PM

COSROCS Commemorative NARAM-52 Pocket Polos
The Colorado Springs Rocket Society (COSROCS) is printing a very limited number of commemorative NARAM-52 Hanes pocket polo shirts with the COSROCS logo on the pocket and "NARAM-52" above the pocket.

NARAM-52, the National Association of Rocketry's 52nd Annual Meet, is being held in Colorado this year. COSROCS is one of the Front Range Colorado NAR chapters sponsoring this year's event.

Order right now to reserve yours, as they are only printing 40 (plus 20 without the NARAM-52 text), and there are only a few of each size. First come, first served. Only one shirt per person in adult sizes S to 3X.

The price is just $22 for members of COSROCS and $29 for non-members.

Go to the COSROCS home page to order.

Bill 07-14-2010 09:35 PM

Does the model come with the shirt (of course I mean the rocket...)?

Your web site states to send a check to Warren to order. Is there a way to electronically reserve a size, like sending e-mail to Warren as well, or is this going to be a snail mail race?


artpays 07-15-2010 01:06 AM

Danielle will be flattered that you asked about her. Please send foto.

Seriously, the Pemberton Bucky Jones Space Cadet does NOT come with the shirt!

We have lots of people saying they want a shirt. Email, phone, Facebook. The COSROCS site does not have e-commerce capability. If you'd like to volunteer...

So, check in hand, out goes the shirt. Snail race it is. To the death.

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