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turbofireball 03-27-2017 12:35 PM

Estes Starship Nova Returns!!
Estes posted some new items today!!!

Starship Nova

Air Walker


Red Diamond Bulk Pack

Initiator001 03-27-2017 01:31 PM

The re-release of the Starship Nova explains the comments about the 'special nose cone'. ;)

The Air Walker looks like the clear payload section is longer than on the original model. Perhaps a camera effect?

All the models look like fun. :)

I wonder if the Red Diamond will be sold individually?

stefanj 03-27-2017 01:54 PM

Hmmmm! I am way overbought on kits, but the Nova might be one I spring for.

ghrocketman 03-27-2017 01:59 PM

This is the "futuristic" kit return I have been waiting for !!

Another winner from Estes.

JumpJet 03-27-2017 02:29 PM

Estes brought this kit back out just for you ghrocketman! Well not really, I'd always wanted one back in the day and since I found the nose cone tooling for it, it was a no brainer to get it back in the line.

This version of the kit is built a little different then the original version. The end result is the model looks exactly the same. On the original version you were told to cut the main BT-50 body tube away to accept the shorter BT-50 tube that in seen on the lower portion of the model. This means the shorter tube is now recessed into the longer main tube. You were then told to add a glue fillet around the joint. Only problem is on the 7 test models I made this glue joint came apart on ALL 7 models from the ejection gases. So now you instead cut the shorter tube so it simply glues to the outside of the main body tube, Problem solved.

John Boren

tbzep 03-27-2017 02:52 PM

Thanks for the classic kit. Keep digging for more!

Eagle3 03-27-2017 04:35 PM

Great to see this kit released again. This happened to me all the time with Carl and Semroc. As soon as I built a clone of something, he would release the kit. :D I just finished building a Starship Nova a few weeks ago. I had an original kit, but some of the tubes were smashed, so I didn't mind opening and building it.

turbofireball 03-27-2017 08:24 PM

John Boren - the Starship Nova is an awesome re-release, but is Estes planning on releasing the companion #1392 Nova Scout Ship also?

JediBoss 03-27-2017 08:44 PM

I would buy both in a heartbeat.

JumpJet 03-27-2017 10:54 PM

No plans on bring the scout ship back. You could always scratch build one now that the nose cone will be available again.

Just curious why you call the Nova Scout Ship the companion model to the Starship Nova? Is it just because they use the same nose cone or is there some Estes History for these two models that I am unaware of.

John Boren

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