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ChrisLagemann 10-22-2017 12:01 AM

Transroc Found
I was completely flabbergasted.

A few months ago, my folks decided to sell their "vacation home" near the lake where they have lived for the past 26 years. They transitioned from this 2 story, 5 bedroom home to a one bedroom apartment in an assisted living village. Needless to say there was a LOT of stuff to go through and get rid of via gifting to kids, grand kids and great-grand kids and finally an auction.

Anyway, my little brother and I were in the garage attic pulling out boxes and boxes of stuff, some of it ours, some of it our brother's, and our sisters and our parent's stuff, and stuff no one knew where it had come from. My brother opened one box that felt pretty empty, and he yells, "hey Chris, I found some of your old rockets!" Sure enough there was the Astron Omega (Cineroc carrier, no Cineroc) with only 1 broken fin and an Astron Cobra (my first ever cluster rocket) mostly intact. Then, in the bottom of the box, tucked back in the corner was a clear plastic tube sticking out from underneath a yellow and black checkered cute. It was that dad-gum Transroc that I have been looking for since forever. I had stored it away in a box in the barn loft before leaving for the Navy in the summer of 1974.

Mind you, there were two other farms/houses before my parents moved to the lake. I had looked several times over the past 43 years for stuff I had packed before leaving home. Some of it was "adopted" by my younger siblings, some was just lost in this or that move. So I figured the Transroc was just lost to time, but I still kept looking. I was really happy to have it back. The plastic battery compartment had pulled away from the circuit board and the clear plastic tube was all yellowed and cracked, but all was repairable/replaceable.

Now for the best part, I glued it all back together, got a new clear tube, and ordered a replacement 15V battery from Amazon. Today I pulled out the old CB radio, hooked it up, put the battery in the Transroc, and dang if channel 14 didn't starting chirping away like nobody's business. It was soooo cool! :chuckle: I'm posting pics to the files.

ghrocketman 10-22-2017 12:15 AM

Very cool.
After being stashed away for 43 years it works with only minor repairs.

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