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Originally Posted by Doug Sams
Both. You want it on both. When you have a system where there's more than a few steps from controller to pad, the system me be disarm-able from either end. All the HPR stuff I have ever worked with had relayers, and all the relays had safing switches on them so the flyer can set up his rocket without worrying that someone at the rangehead may accidentally arm and fire his rocket.

The only downside to this is the long walk back to the pad to arm it after you've forgotten to And after you've waited thru an entire cycle of launching from that set of pads.

And in the rare event the relay contacts have fused closed, the relayer units are designed so that the piezo element sounds whenever the leads are energized. Even so, some have developed the habit of touching the clips together and looking for a sparks before hooking up to the igniter. Probably not a bad idea.

The only Centuri launch equipment I still have is the old wooden box with an asbestos pad.

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