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Originally Posted by Bill
And in the rare event the relay contacts have fused closed, the relayer units are designed so that the piezo element sounds whenever the leads are energized. Even so, some have developed the habit of touching the clips together and looking for a sparks before hooking up to the igniter. Probably not a bad idea.

The only Centuri launch equipment I still have is the old wooden box with an asbestos pad.


It's always a good habit to check for juice at the pad BEFORE connecting the leads. I remember one LDRS in particular when I was doing a video interview with a flyer out at the pads while the the entire bank was being loaded with rockets. In the middle of the interview while I had the camera to my eye, I heard the tale-tale sound of 'ignited' thermalite sizzling right beside us. At the same time, the dude at the very adjacent pad 'rolled' out of the way screaming "Lookout!". He had just connected his pad leads to a J800, and about one second later ( before I could even take single step), off it went, about three feet from where I stood. Luckily, the motor did not cato and the launch phase was nominal.

But I can attest that a J800 makes a pretty good whoosh from three feet away (and I've seen a LOT of high power flights over the years).

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