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Originally Posted by blackshire
Bill, is it similar to these ? Semroc could bring back that launch pad as a "Retro-Repro" product to be part of a re-issued Centuri "Beginner's Outfit" (with a Micron rocket kit) and/or a re-issued "Rocketeer's Outfit" (with Payloader II and Javelin rocket kits). Using the new resin-locked asbestos sheets, they could even include the asbestos jet deflector for the launch pad! How about it, Carl? :-)

You would make me go dig for it, would you? It is that one, an LIA-50 that I got in one of the Centuri clearance specials. The asbestos pad, clip leads and assembly instructions are taped into the bottom of the box. The angled steel blast deflector was separate and is floating around here somewhere. I guess I ought to put the asbestos into a ziplock bag...

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