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Originally Posted by Bill
You would make me go dig for it, would you? It is that one, an LIA-50 that I got in one of the Centuri clearance specials. The asbestos pad, clip leads and assembly instructions are taped into the bottom of the box. The angled steel blast deflector was separate and is floating around here somewhere. I guess I ought to put the asbestos into a ziplock bag...

Thank you for confirming the launch pad's model number! I wouldn't launch any rockets from it with the asbestos pad in place, but if it's in storage the asbestos pad shouldn't be a problem. The real dangers were/are caused by the sprayed-on asbestos that was applied to pipes and electrical conduits in buildings and onboard ships. This type had asbestos fibers readily "flake off" into the air where they could be inhaled. An asbestos pad is not a problem unless something erosive is done to it that disperses asbestos fibers into the air. The new asbestos insulation panels are treated with a high-temperature resin to lock in the asbestos fibers.
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