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I can think of one really good reason why a company would spike a product: it was potentially unsafe, and a risk management review decided that it would be best to cancel the kit. This model was designed to release simulated strap-on boosters, recovered by streamer. What would happen if a kid forgot or neglected to attach the streamers to these parts, allowing them to come in hot after ejection?

Yeah, we live in a litigious society, and that kinda sucks. Still, I'd rather that Estes kill a product for potential liability issues rather than be sued into oblivion.


I can see your point. Dr. Zooch (Wes) has flown some kits that drop the simulated SRB's at staging without streamers-- when the two stages blow apart they release the SRB's pinned between them. Standard BT-20 tubes with balsa nosecones shouldn't pose too much risk, BUT, as you said, it's a litigious society now and maybe that's why he never offered the kit for sale.

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