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Originally Posted by ManofSteele
To make the current parts fly correctly, we had to wrap masking tape around the forward and aft end of the motor to shim up the gap between the motor and the plastic motor mount, preventing the ejection gasses from leaking out.
At the risk of going off topic...

For what it's worth, that's not a bad idea on any rocket. I learned that (the hard way) on a level 2 attempt several years ago. The ejection charges work much better when there's a good seal on each end of the rocket. (Plus it gives the motor a little bit of extra retention.)

I've seen many rockets over the years, built with good parts, that had loose fitting motors. A stiff charge will still get the motor out. But a wimpy charge, which happens often enough, combined with a leaky rocket, can result in major disappointment. A couple wraps of tape on the motor can keep the tears away.


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