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Originally Posted by ckbush
I am new to this forum. Could someone point me to where I can get information as to what this jornal is? It sounds very interesting!




Issue #1

Collector Catalogs
Rocketry Collectibles
Before Estes
Collecting Rocket Catalogs
Preserving and Storage Methods
Postal Auctions

Issue #2:

Documenting the Old Kits
Information Please (United Pyrotechnics)
Irv Wait and the Rocket Development Corporation (RDC) - started in 1961.
This company was started by Irving S. Wait which lead to the development of
the Enerjet motor.
A Seriously Devoted Collector's Guide to the Various Editions of Estes
Industries Sales Catalogs, the First Ten Years, 1960-1969 (Part 1)
(in-depth look into all pre-Damon catalogs)
The most in-depth look into the different editions of all catalogs Estes ever
published through 1969.
Deciphering Old Estes Plans
Model Rocket News (Publication Lists - 1981-1994)

Issue #3

The Journal of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) - started in 1958
The National Association of Rocketry started by G. Harry Stine. Originally called Model Missile
Estes Model Rocket News (Update listing)
Information Please (Rarity of Model Rocket Publications)
A Seriously Devoted Collector's Guide to the Various Editions of Estes
Industries Sales Catalogs, the First Ten Years, 1960-1969 (Part 2)
NARAM Memorabilia (Program booklets)

Issue #4

Water Rockets of the 50’s (Alpha-1 Ballistic Missile from Scientific Products
Company and others)
The transitional product to the “true” model rocket. These rockets used water
and citric acid/bicarbonate of soda for fuel. Can be traced as far back as the
late 40’s.
Rocketry Posters (How and What to Collect)
NARAM 37 Auction Report (July 26, 1995)
NAR Milestones (1957-1967)

Issue #5

Hi-Craft company (An Unknown Pioneer Model Rocket Manufacturer - 1958)
Estes of Yesteryear 1971 (Estes’ Pinnacle of Glory)
Characterizing Your Collection
Water Rocket (The Mark III Interceptor Missile by Aurora)

Issue #6

An Obscure Model Rocket Company - Advanced Model Rocket Systems (AMROCS)
- started in 1965
Offered 5 kits, catalog and an accelerometer that measured G-stress.
Nostalgia Sale of 1978 (Sponsored by Centuri)

Issue #7

Space Age Industries (SAI) - started in 1970
Took over AMROCS and introduced several new kits.

Issue #8

Lercari Engineering - electronics in model rocketry - started in 1971
Developed automatic countdown and ignition systems, motorized multilaunchers, 4
kits and catalog.
Nostalgia Sale of 1980

Issue #9

Semroc Astronautics Corporation - started in 1969 (Part 1)
Offered a large selection of motors, including 3/4 D and D6, and 6 kits.

Issue #10

Semroc Astronautics Corporation (Part 2)

Issue #11

Bo-Mar Development Company, Inc. - started in 1968
Offered catalog, 7 kits, launcher and supplies.
AMSCO Industries (Water Rockets)
Centuri Pro-Line kits
Six boxed kits with great graphics was introduced in 1972 and included:
Mach-10, Quasar, Orion,
Space Shutle, Long Tom and Laser-X.
Estes Events (1958-1997)
A Collectors Guide to Centuri and Estes Model Rocket Catalogs
A Collectors Guide to Estes Model Rocket News Magazine

Issue #12

Model Missiles, Inc. (MMI) History - G. Harry Stine’s company - started in
A history of the company. The very first production model rocket company.
Developed the Aerobee-Hi and Arcon kits and used Rock-A-Chute motors developed
by Orville Carlisle. Catalog and literature.
Model Missiles-Aerobee-Hi
Model Missiles-Literature/Kits
Model Missiles-Literature/Tower
Model Missiles-Denver 4, CO
Estes Denver Literature

Issue #13

Model Missiles, Inc. (MMI) (Motors and Literature)

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