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Originally Posted by al_packer
Thanks, guys and/or gals for posting your Alpha memories.

Other than my three human offspring, the Alpha is my favorite child. Pat Fitzpatrick gave me the heads-up that you were discussing this, which I appreciate, since I wouldn't have remembered when it first came out, and I'm certainly too lazy to do the research.

If you have any specific questions, I'll check the forum regularly for the next few days. Otherwise, you can email me at . I check that account about once a week.

Bill Simon, Estes Employee payroll #00007

P.S. My favorite science fiction book: "The Stars my Destination" by Alfred Bester. It would make a great movie if someone like Tim Burton took on the project.
Thanks for posting! #007 sounds better to me!

How about 1. why that tube length, 2. why that fin shape, 3. why that nose cone shape?
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