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Originally Posted by jeffyjeep
This little 8 page pamphlet was included with a vintage kit that I recently bought on ebay. I don't recall ever seeing or having an "Alpha Mini Book of Model Rocketry". I can't find a date stamp in it, but judging from the contents I'm guessing early 1980's.

I like the Three Mile Island photo that was allegedly shot by an AstroCam 110 on page 7!

If it is the same Three Mile Island photo they ran in their catalog for a while, it was credited to Scott Pierce, who, if it is the same Scott Pierce, was later an employee of Aerotech as I recall.

I generally had good results with my Astrocam beginning when they were first released in the early summer of '79. Even did the 'rear view' comversion thing on it in the early 80s and those images worked out pretty good too. Of course 110 negative size ain't gonna give you Ansel Adams panarama quality stuff, but for late 70s and ealy 80s aerial photography, it was not that bad.

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