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Originally Posted by 5x7
By the way, on the Astrocam pic, is that taken by the Scott Pearce later of Aerotech?


Scott was my roomie when we both worked for AeroTech and that is a picture he took with an Astrocam.

There's a funny story to go with it.

Estes announced a contest for the best Astrocam picture with the prize being an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland.

Scott and Herb Desind (Mr. Cineroc) teamed up and drove all over the country flying Astrocams. I think I recall Scott had a photo album of pictures he took on that trip with Herb.

So, Herb and Scott picked their best pictures and sent them off to Estes and waited for the contest results.

When the results were announced...

The winner was a kid who took a pretty pedestrian picture of a field.
That kid happened to live in Anaheim, California.

Anaheim is the location of Disneyland.
You can guess that the 'bean-counters' were involved in the photo selection ("Won't need plane tickets or hotel room").

Scott was PI$$ED!
He called up Mary Roberts at Estes and chewed her out. It takes a lot to get Scott angry.

A little while later Scott and Herb received packets from Estes containing hundreds of dollars in Estes gift certificates.
Scott was 'mollified'.
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