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The Stine Collection has a tremendous early Sixties example of an Astron Ranger built by G. Harry himself. The man had exceptional building skills that really set the standard for that era. Having said that, common practices used today such as filling body tube seams or clear coating are not in evidence likely due to a lack of modeling materials of the type easily available to today's builders. The decorative "Astron Ranger" has been flawlessly applied with Letraset dry transfer lettering which was pretty high tech stuff in the early 1960's. A technical advance over the Leroy Lettering option we saw earlier!
By any measure its a beautiful model build by "The Old Rocketeer". So who shall be the first among us to replicate this fine model?

For more on the history of the Astron Ranger, I highly recommend Eric Higgins excellent site on early Estes kits:

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