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Default "Big Boris"

Hello Vern!
Thanks to you and Gleda for making your collection available to the MOF and allowing the National Model and Sport Rocketry Collection to become a reality. It wouldn't be a "national collection" without the Estes name included!
In your honor I present some recently declassified imagery of a Soviet era model rocket which eventually found its way into the Stine Collection. The design borrows heavily from an American model rocket which will be familiar to many. Sorry for the fuzzy images, but they were taken by an undercover operative at great personal risk.
Dubbed the "Big Boris" by CIA analysts, the rocket seems to represent a copy of a similar American design and is a significant advance over its Soviet predecessor the "Honest Ivan"*.

*Read "The Legend of Honest Ivan" in Model Rocketry Magazine

National Collection Images: G. Harry Stine Collection/The Museum of Flight. Follow YOUR National Model and Sport Rocketry Collection on Twitter: @Natl_ModRoc_Col
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