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Originally Posted by pterodactyl

There's a Heinlein/Stine anecdote which I recall without remembering its source. As the story goes after Heinlein's death someone asked Stine if was going to speak at the funeral, to which Stine replied "Would you be able to speak at your father's funeral?". Not exactly a direct interaction but it speaks to Stine's feelings on RAH.

Here's an image for you from the National Collection.

There is a side-by-side photograph of two of that rocket, which is rather reminiscent of Centuri's Excalibur (or maybe it's a "split-screen," before-and-after picture--it shows an un-decorated one and a fully-decaled one) in Stine's Arco-published "The New Model Rocketry Manual." Its 15 mm diameter upper section looks similar to the second stage of the AVI Space Angel, which used the same 5:1 tangent ogive nose cone (see: ); maybe it was inspired by the design in the book?
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