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Originally Posted by blackshire
You may have solved this mystery with that one word ("plastic")--you jogged my memory of the scanned Nike-Patriot instructions on the Ninfinger Productions website. A high-quality spiral-wound kraft paper tube with a thin plastic overwrap (which might also have "soaked" into the upper layer of the paper, if the plastic was applied in a dissolved liquid [or molten] form) could also have the same physical characteristics as the MPC tubes, especially if the cured (or cooled & solidified) plastic was stiff (had a low elastic modulus). It would also--depending on its composition--be perfect for making strong plastic-to-plastic bonds (with the MPC styrene plastic launch lugs, for example), using ordinary plastic cement (if I recall correctly, the instructions called for using tube-type plastic cement).

I don't think the tubes are as "plastic" as you speculate. I think we're dealing with really good quality paper tubes with a wrap that is coated paper.

I have some scraps of T-20 and might try to do a peel and see what the bond is like.

CMR tubing was similar. Used the same metric sizing. I had compartively fewer CMR kits through the years.
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