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Default Estes Wadding in its native state

I thought you guys might enjoy this. At the NARAM auction there were several bulk rolls of Estes wadding available. I had never actually seen one of these. I had heard that many years ago Vern had built an incredible contraption that would take a regular roll of toilet paper and, as it unrolled, run it through a chemical bath to flameproof it, and then roll it back up again.

The idea that you could do such a thing just amazes me, that you can treat wet toilet paper gently enough as it went through the process that it wouldn't tear.

Vern was at the auction and confirmed that that's how they used to do it, but that they don't do it that way any more. Now they dunk the entire rolls into a bath and then dry them out (bake them, let them dry naturally?).

These rolls are then unrolled to make the individual wadding packages that come with engine packs, or the bulkier packages sold seperately. I would love to know if that process is automated and if so, how the machine works.

And if anyone has photos of the old machine (did it have a name?) I would love to see it.

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