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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Back in the day, we just used REGULAR non-flame-proof toilet paper and paper towel as 'wadding'.
Yes we would let it 'smoulder' on the way down to the ground.
If it was 'smoking' or 'aflame' when it landed, we would just stomp it out.

I put out our football field when our technology teacher decided she would save money using Kleenex. Kids flew, recovered, and went back inside unsupervised. It burned down the full length of one sideline and out past mid-field for nearly half the length. I put it out with a cardboard box I pulled out of the dumpster. I just sat it on the ground and slid it along the leading edge of the fire with my foot. Meanwhile, the AP finally got our irrigation hose hooked up and ready to spray after I got it put out. That 300 ft of commercial grade 3/4" hose was heavy and he was soaked with sweat!
I love sanding.
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