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Originally Posted by Faithwalker

Thanks for the Centuri Power Tower photos. I've attached photos of the Centuri ID-65 Blast Deflector, both painted and unpainted versions, which were used on Centuri Servo Launcher, Centuri Power Pad and Centuri Power Tower.

Have you modeled this ID-65 Deflector in SolidWorks yet? If not, I can provide more detailed dimensions, if you would like to model it.

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Jeff Jenkins
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OK I took the challenge and using MK-1 eyeball from your photos, I modeled a best-guesstimate analog to the stamped deflector...I couldn't model the bottom stamped pan properly, so it would be welded corners. I've never used the "Deform" feature before to produce those stiffening ribs and it will take some tweaking to get them right, but I think it looks fairly close...if you will measure your deflector, I will update this model.

I still have an issue with generating the flat pattern with those dimples (ribs), so I need to talk with somebody at work that really does sheet metal parts for a living. All of my stuff is chunky machined parts, but it's interesting to learn something new in SWX.
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