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Farside-X flew yesterday. CCC = WAY zoomie. I lost sight of the top stage shortly after it zipped away.

Got a lot of "WOW" out of that flight.

I got everything back, thanks to an unknown person who found the sustainer way out at he far end of the field. It was really beat up. I'm thinking of making a new main body. I'll skip the spin-fins and make it a couple of inches longer, so I can pack really long surveyor's tape streamer in addition to (or even instead of) a parachute.

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I have an Avenger clone. I think it is intact. I'd like to start the paperwork to use discontinued motors, and fly it on a B14-0 / B4-6 combo.

The Farside on a B14-0 / B6-0 / A8-5 would be interesting; fast boost, good altitude but not insane!
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