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Originally Posted by LeeR
Always loved the Farside-X and never had one. I built an Apogee II as a kid instead -- it was like a whole dollar cheaper (!), and one less engine meant I might actually ha able to afford motors to fly it. One of thes days I'll build a Farside-X. I am detailing my first ever Sky Hook now. It was hard to pick my absolute favorite but I probably dreamed about the Farside-X more than any kit as a kid as I browsed the old catalogs.

Semroc recently released a reproduction Farside-X, though of course if you have the fin patterns, it's pretty easy to clone.

I had one as a kid - it mostly flew on low impulse motors. I built a Farside for a classic model competition a few years ago. I've never had the nerve to go C-C-C on it. Typically B-B-A is what I've done.
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