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I had mentioned earlier that I had flown my Astron Cobra for its maiden voyage back in August, and that I had parts for an upscale. Iíve been working on it off and on for a couple weeks. Here is a picture of the completed motor mount, and the fins I cut out last week. I took this picture of parts prior to slotting the body tube. The last picture is a dry fit of the components. My Astron Cobra is shown for comparison. I now have the assembly work done, and Iím in the process of sealing the fins. They are basswood. Immensely fun cutting them by hand, especially with fin tabs.

Iím on a real Bill Simon rocket kick. Iíve got a Skyhook nearly done, just needs fins painted red, and the black striping added. Iíve also been contemplating an upscaled Drifter ó it was one of my first rockets.
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