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Default Centuri Club Launch Controller

Hi George,
Cool launch controller! Thanks for the photos and information!

Fortunately, I have already found and obtained an original Centuri Club Launch Controller, plus two spare Bud Industries C-1584 Sloping Panel Console Cabinets. The dimensions on all three console cabinets that I have are 6 1/2" high x 7 1/16" wide x 7 5/16" deep.

Attached are photos of the original Centuri Club Launch Control Panel (which also has an added DC volt meter and switch to monitor battery charge) and the new Bud Industries C-1584 Sloping Panel Cabinets that I have. I also have a SolidWorks 3D CAD model of the Bud Industries C-1584 Cabinet.

A good reference source for reproducing the Centuri Club Launch Controller is the Centuri American Rocketeer Newsletter, vol. 3, no. 1, pages 4-6:

The reference for the firing panel in the Centuri American Rocketeer Newsletter even includes a drilling template and parts list! The newsletter includes several good details on constructing the launch rack also. This edition of the newsletter was published in 1968.

In addition, another good reference is the 1972 Enerjet Model Rocket Catalog pages 14-15, featuring the do-it-yourself Club Launch System (image attached).

Now, if I can locate or reconstruct the launch rack legs, I'll be good to go!

Kind regards,
Jeff Jenkins
aka: Faithwalker
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