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Originally Posted by Faithwalker
The Centuri American Rocketeer Newsletter, vol. 3, no. 1, page 4, provides a nice description for the Launch Rail Layout and Drilling details, plus the Sawhorse Legs. In 1968, the legs could be purchased from local hardware/lumber stores for about $6.50 a pair!

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Jeff you are going to be hard pressed to find those legs nowadays...I googled and most of the hits were for those clamps that allow you to insert 2x4 legs then clamp to the cross piece 2x4. Looking for all steel legs turned up some tubular legs, but none of the stamped-steel legs. I just happened to go to a lumber yard at lunch with a friend, and wandered around in the saw horse area, and same thing.

Perhaps some out-of-the-way small town hardware store might have some stashed away, but I imagine these have been OOP for many years.
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