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Thanks for the anecdotes of olden days, all!

I remember seeing all those exotic supplies in the 1970 Estes & 1971 Centuri catalogs, and being blown away -- intimidated and amazed -- by the depth of stuff available. My friends & I would build a plastic model and if we painted it at all, use whatever paint we could get and use a Q-tip.

I remember ruining a comedy horror-hot rod by using green dope. Paint was paint, right? And I must have gotten the bottle from a hobby store. My father was totally useless when it came to hobby stuff so I had no education or support there.

I do recall reading, in a MRN reprint or maybe the "plan book," that toothpaste could be used as rubbing compound! I'm sure it would work, but my spray finishes were so terrible that this just made the ripply bubbly surfaces minty fresh.
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