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Originally Posted by Gus
Several years ago I was able to buy an old hobby store's supply of Centuri 1/2A 4-5M mini motors. A couple months ago we used them to fly a really fun, NAR approved, old-motor-event with my local club (JMRC). I was cleaning up today and ran across two partial boxes of the motors and as I went to consolidate them I realized they were both the long and short Centuri mini-motors. Enclosed in the box of the newer "shorties" was a notice about the "Important Revision" to the motors. I thought it might be of interest to some of you so I am posting it here, along with some photos of the motors.



I think the "Important Revision" excuse of casing supplier replacement was marketing BS to mask the fact that they had closed down the motor manufacturing in Phoenix and once again were getting motors from Penrose.
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