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Found it faster than I thought. New photos.

the date stamp says "6M171" These may have been unrelated to the casing supplier problem, but may have been when they were developing the motors in early 1971. I asked Ed Brown to confirm that they were made, but I failed to ask *when* they were made.

Of course, I don't remember how these came to me. There's a part of my memory that's trying to tell me that these were from the free packs given out at NARAM 13, but I doubt they would give out booster motors when I don't think they had a two stager in their initial kit lineup (they would convert the shorty Beta and Midget kits a few months afterward, as I recall).

The third picture shows the inner spiral gap. I only have two of these, so I must've flown the other two from the pack at some point.
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