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Originally Posted by Royatl
I'm slowly flying them, not at NAR launches (though select ones I'll eventually fly under the expired motors program).

I'm also starting to fly my older (still certified) motors. The rare motors, like the D13-0, B3 (lbs)-5, the 1968 B.8-4 (with the trumpet bell nozzle), etc. I'll still keep, though even the Estes-made Rock-a-Chute motors (photo in another current thread) will get flown eventually (at least one or two).

I bought an unopened box (8 4 packs??) of B4-3s from a fellow rocketeer a couple years ago. They are -awesome- in the original scale Estes Blender, or my mini Photon Disruptor.

I have a 13mm based downscale of the Little Beth X2 that I've tried a longer delay in - but I've had poor luck staging recently - it keeps blowing out the booster motor mount. I only had 1 B4-7. Would really like a couple more -5s or -7s.

I fly them at Bong. Once the WOOSH sked is posted for the year, I apply for the Expired Motor Program permission for all the launch dates. (Yes, I note it on the flight card, too.) The staged one was flown by a friend at a TWA launch as a research flight. A 3xA+B research flight :-)

I've had no delay troubles. I've been counting them out, and they seem run about a half second long. I also notice that the smoke is thicker, yellower and distinctly more sulfury than current motors.
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