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Originally Posted by Royatl
I'm slowly flying them, not at NAR launches (though select ones I'll eventually fly under the expired motors program).

I'm also starting to fly my older (still certified) motors. The rare motors, like the D13-0, B3 (lbs)-5, the 1968 B.8-4 (with the trumpet bell nozzle), etc. I'll still keep, though even the Estes-made Rock-a-Chute motors (photo in another current thread) will get flown eventually (at least one or two).
If you are not going to sell them after all, send me high resolution photographs of all sides of the packaging. Some day I will make a similar product. We used to buy a bunch of those packs at Claremont Rocket Society. Amazing packaging.

Exemptions not regulations. Please support DOT treating slow burning solids as not subject to HMR. 2015 NAR President declines!
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