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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
I only have a handful of the old Centuri 13mm B's left....wish I had a bagful.

I'm of the opinion that ONCE a motor is certified it should NEVER lose certification for age/out of production.
Motors should ONLY lose certification if for safety reasons.

Better yet, DUMP the certification process all together and ELIMINATE it's requirement.
It's as moronic as requiring blends of R/C glow fuel be 'certified'.

Exactly... I've thought the same thing for YEARS...

If you're talking about "contest certified" I can see the purpose of wanting a 'readily available" motor, but then you're talking about an "approved motor list" which is not the same thing as "safety certified".

Contest certified is really only applicable to the tiny minority of rocketeers that actually engage in contest flying... (which if that's your bag, more power to you, but the "average rocketeer" could really care less...) Like I said, that being the case, then have an "approved motor list" for contest flying, and remove motors that have been out of production or that aren't readily available for contest flying, and leave it at that.

Safety certification, once obtained for a given motor and issued, should NEVER be revoked unless it's statistically proven that a given motor is unsafe, ie prone to go "BOOM" or have some other sort of failure at a statistically unacceptable rate.

The fact that motor certifications are removed once a motor becomes "too hard to get" for contest use is really an inconvenience to the vast majority of the rocketry community not engaged in competition. If it were merely an inconvenience, it wouldn't be so bad, however, flying "uncertified" rocket motors is grounds for refusal to pay the claim should anything happen during a rocket flight causing an injury or damage on the ground, exposing the rocketeer and club/launch site to undue liability, which is why flying "uncertified" motors is usually discouraged or not allowed. It's foolish, but it's how "the system" works.

It's a system that needs to be changed.

Later! OL J R
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