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Wolf noted: "Back in the day, they needed something to distinguish model rocket motors from fire crackers. IMHO, we still do today. So we enjoy the benefit of having a certification process."

Oh Wolf, you say the nicest things. Seriously, it is what the G. Harry, the Model Missile Association, Estes and others had as an uphill battle to change or revise fireworks restrictions to allow model rockets to be flown. The MMA became the NAR and testing standards were established to certify motors to convince fire authorities to allow model rockets.
In my home state of Ohio, in my home town we had a fire marshal, Fred Long, who became a model rocketeer and advocate, supporting the NAR and the Columbus Society for the Advancement of Rocketry. I served on the NAR Standard and Testing Committee in the late '60s and early '70s (then in the Air Force much bigger motors).
Motor certification is what keeps the authorities in check along with the Safety Code. There are those who think they should be allowed to do anything they want, but we are always one "Oops" away from additional restrictions. At the least, bad press. We had a saying in the Strategic Air Command that you could have all the "Atta Boys" in the world, but it only takes one "Ah Sh*t" to wipe them all out.

Certification is what keeps the wolves away... Sorry Astrowolf...

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