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Originally Posted by jdbectec
Is this the same blast deflector that was used on the pad that had the pneumatic control and the battery located in the launcher whose name are conveniently forget. Because if it is I know I've got one in there minus the pneumatic controls it's in my attic but I could dig it out and I'd be willing to send the deflector or even the whole pad to somebody that wanted it I've got no use for it.
The Servo-Launcher (that's it's name, see: ) would make an excellent 3D printed "Retro-Repro" piece of GSE (Ground Support Equipment). Having a pneumatically-activated ignition switch on the pad itself (it had no ignition lead wires), its batteries-to-igniter wire leads were only a few inches long (and thus had very little voltage drop), which enabled it to fire igniters using only two Photo-Flash "D" batteries. (Today's alkaline and rechargeable "D" batteries would work well, too, and connecting two more into the circuit might be ample for igniting clustered motors.)
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