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Originally Posted by BEC
Some Power Tower info here:

Both versions’ plastic parts appear to be identical to the first two versions of the Estes Porta-Pad except for color. Lots of details on the third page of this thread.
I see what you mean! The printed, black text-on-chrome Power Tower decals are not only informative (including a misfire checklist, recommended batteries, and a launch elevation reminder, as David Stribling's Power Tower photos show at the top of page 2 [Reply #11] in that thread), but having those shiny decals on all sides of the launcher is very helpful during long recovery walks (especially if the grass is rather tall), to see its location--and not lose it!--from the decals glinting in the sunlight. Also:

3D "printing houses" such as Shapeways (see: ) print objects in metals--including precious metals--as well as plastics (and even porcelain), so it may be possible to make reproductions of the Centuri angled jet deflectors as well as the plastic launch pad parts, and:

Looking at all of the posted Centuri blast deflector pictures (I prefer their angled design to Estes' disc deflector, too, because burning propellant bits don't "splash back" onto the rockets), it looks like its design might have been inspired by a stamped metal snow shovel, which is similarly-shaped and also has the stamped-in longitudinal "stiffening ridges." I wouldn't be surprised if Leroy Piester, when looking for a contractor to produce his jet deflectors, went to a metal-stamping shop and was told, "Something like a small, stamped-metal snow shovel could be made in one operation, out of one piece of steel." Depending on the set-up costs, this might also be a viable option for having new ones made today...
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