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Originally Posted by blackshire
Thank you for posting those (I admire your YORF "handle," too)! ALSO:

If Dewalt pursues his interest in producing clones of them (as he wrote in Reply #65 *here*: ), reprints of your scanned instructions (with an added disclaimer line like that in Semroc's "Retro-Repro" rocket kits) would be perfect to supply with them. (The Centuri "Professional Firing Panel" would be easy to make, using a standard aluminum electronic projects box [as Centuri themselves did] for the hand-held controller; the Centuri "Lectra-Line 1" [and 2] launch controllers--see Reply #62 from Hans "Chris" Michielssen that's also in the above-linked thread--could be 3D printed or duplicated in polyurethane casting resin in RTV rubber molds [their resin parts could even be dyed yellow or black, to match the original ones].) Now:

All we need to complete the Centuri GSE (Ground Support Equipment) line are reproductions of the Centuri Servo-Launcher (it used a pneumatic switch!), Powr-Pad, Powr-Control, and Power Tower (and maybe--just for giggles--even a Pola-Pulse Launch Controller [with internal mods to use rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries instead]; you can see all of these GSE items *here*: and )... :-) (Actually, although I suggested bringing these back only half-jokingly, with today's home production capabilities, it's no joke at all; they really could be made today if desired.)

Of course, some additional GSE choices, if you want to go even more retro, might be the EFC-44 Lectra Line controller ( or the EFC-66 Ignition Control Panel controller ( *Updated the broken EFC-66 link, so it should work now.

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