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Originally Posted by Faithwalker
Thanks for the compliment earlier! Faith in our Creator is vitally important to me. I believe it is only because of Him that we can live and move and have our being!

BTW, Rocketguy101 and I are collaborating together on the 3D model of the ID-65 Blast Deflector for the Centuri Power Tower. Hopefully, we'll have some good drawings for it soon!

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You're welcome; I discovered the same thing, thanks to shamanic drumming!

Good--if the current 3D metal printing technology is up to producing a sufficiently-durable deflector (it may be), those drawings could be used (either as-is, or by using their graphical co-ordinates) to create 3D printing files for them. The drawings--as they are--could also be used by a metal-stamping shop to set up the tooling to make them.
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