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Originally Posted by Faithwalker
Of course, some additional GSE choices, if you want to go even more retro, might be the EFC-44 Lectra Line controller ( or the EFC-66 Ignition Control Panel controller (

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Your second link won't open, but yes, that old metal-cabinet Centuri Lectra Line controller is durable and very easy to replicate. Even the plastic Lectra-Line 1 and 2 could be replicated by 3D printing or resin casting, using RTV rubber molds. I like the original metal-cabinet one just fine, though (but if someone made the later ones, I wouldn't turn my muzzle up at them). ALSO, the flat angled blast deflector on the simpler, "block o' wood" launch pad (on the same catalog page as the original Lectra Line launch controller, in your first link above) would be *very* easy to make--just cut out a properly-sized rectangular piece of sheet steel, then bend it in the correct places and drill (or maybe punch) two holes to fit over the launch rod!
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