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Craig McGraw:

"Star Blazer Plus One" Starter Set:

A starter set which slipped under our radar until someone put one up on eBay…

Contains the #1381 Yankee kit, and a restyled #1923 Cougar. The launch controller is a blue-plastic Electron Beam (the kind you could take apart with a screwdriver), and the pad is the Porta-Pad II.

I am dating the set between 1990 and 1991, for the following reasons:

1. The Porta-Pad II was introduced in 1989.
2. The yellow "zebra-stripe" Electron Beam controller became standard in 1993.
3. The Yankee kit has the old-style paint and decal pattern; the new "overspray" pattern was introduced in 1993.
4. The "generic" range box is first seen in the 1990 catalog, and disappears by 1993.
5. 1992 is the last year the majority of model rockets in the catalog are of the traditional craft type; the plastic-finned, bright-colored, more-toy-than-hobby types start showing up in this catalog, but dominate the 1993 and later catalogs.
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