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Originally Posted by Faithwalker
Thanks for documenting the Centuri Power Tower that you have! I've been working on a SolidWorks 3D CAD model of the ID-65 Blast Deflector (product no. 5806) for it.

I've attached an image of my 3D prototype so far. It's pretty close, but I'm still tweaking it to get a good flat pattern. Rocketguy101 and I are collaborating on it together, so hopefully, we'll have some good drawings for it soon!

Also mentioned in posts #23 & #25 at the following link:

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Using Jeff's model as a basis, I made a stab at sheet metal model that could produce a flat pattern. It isn't perfect, as I can't get it to fold with the ribs inserted. Jeff used a different technique to make his model, but it won't flatten

The corners of the "pan" will be tricky to make on a press brake since they are compound curves...someone with more sheet metal experience may be able to bend with some sort of forming tool. That said, the final piece would require welding to close up the seams. The original was stamped using forming dies, like an automotive part. This would get you in the neighborhood for a clone, I believe.

This drawing is full scale on a "C" sheet of paper (11" x 17") I put dimensions on the pattern so you could double check a print out.

EDIT: I goofed on the bend angles on the side flanges. They should be 40 degrees, not 50. Here is the corrected drawing (Rev A)
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