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This is Gerry Fortin. Thanks for checking the Estes kit database. Please be aware that I do not include any Buy It Now information as those listings are not true auctions and are an inadequate measure of kit value through open bidding. As for the stated higher price that is not listed in the database, can you please specific the date of the auction so I can add to the database? Many thanks.

To all other is a pleasure to be part of this community. This is my second BAR event and hopefully I will stay with model rocketry for years to come.

A short personal introduction is probably in order. My primary interest for 20+ years has been rare American Liberty Seated dimes minted from 1837-1891. After years of researching the series, I published a web-book at From the numismatic experience, I decided to try a new collecting pursuit and Estes kits seem to be an obvious choice. Since there was a lack of public pricing guide, I though it might be interesting to assemble one and attempt to determine the relative scarcity of individual kits. After 1 year of tablulating eBay prices on a best effort basis, I decide to offer the information to the public via my website. It is possible that I missed some kit listings across one year's time. I also will dismiss any kits that are opened or obviously damaged from the database.
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