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Originally Posted by A Fish Named Wallyum
Antics. We're all about antics. How about a story or twenty?

Okay, how about this......

Wayne Kellner, is in my opinion the premium model rocket designer of all time, was a Monty Python and MAD magazine fanatic. I always wondered why he didn't try to write a skit or two for MP.

Wayne relieved stress by suddenly dropping what he was doing and going into a spontanios 'Monty Python' skit, then when it was over would just go sit down again like nothing had happened.

He always had all kinds of different stuff on top of one of his file cabinets, one of them being a plastic DC-3 that none of the parts were glued together. He would hold it up in one hand, vibrate his throut with the other (severe flight vibration) and then would say something like;

Suh!, the left engine is on fire...
No it's's just something in your eye that's blurring your vision...
But Suh, the flames are getting bigger.....
(he shakes one of the wings off)
Suh, the left wing has fallen off.....
No Smedley, that can't happen...this plane was built in the USA!
Stupid Americans, now the other wing has fallen off...

And Wayne would go though this until all the parts were on the floor. He would pick them up, stick them back together, put the DC-3 bck on the file cabinet and go sit down.

Some of you who have copies of some of the Model Rocket News with front pages that Wayne did. I'll go into that later as well.
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